Welcome to Thoughts & Mace

Why Choose Us?

T & M is a Legal, Legislative and Research Consulting Firm. Established in 2006, Thoughts and Mace has offices in Lagos and affiliate offices in Skopjie, Macedonia and Charlotte North Carolina.

T & M is a dynamic firm dedicated to anticipating clients' concerns in an effective and cost sensitive manner. Our internal structures ensure that the relationship between the individual lawyers and clients are excellent.

Peopled by consummate researchers, litigators and public policy analysts with international exposure. We offer an intriguing blend of local services with best international standards.

Our international network continues to grow and now extends across several continents, including the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. To manage our dramatic growth we have developed procedures, processes and ethical best practices that form the core foundation for our continued success.


We use the law as an instrument of social change to promote justice and provide cutting edge legal services to clients and indigent Nigerians.

We also offer an uncommon blend of expertise amongst our partners. We have the vision to build long lasting professional relationships and develop an international network of legal resources. We also pride ourselves in providing peculiar services to peculiar  clienteles.

Legal Support

Policy Research & Analysis

Corporate Practice

Litigation & Negotiations

✓ International organisations
✓ Civil societies and NGOs
✓ Research establishments
✓ Nigerian legal framework
✓ Associations interested in setting up offices in Nigeria

✓ Legal research services
✓ Public policy and finance analysis
✓ Criminal justice sector reforms
✓ Design of mapping documents
✓ Socio-economic rights
✓ Human rights

✓ Company formation
✓ Establishment of branches
✓ Liaison and representative offices
✓ Company restructuring
✓ Joint ventures and acquisitions
✓ Real estate and property law

✓ Strategic impact litigation
✓ Public interest litigation
✓ Addressing social ills
✓ Protection of collective interests
✓ Engaging regional courts
✓ Alternative dispute resolution